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Note : This post will be the only time I will ask for donations (although I will leave a donation button in the sidebar) … if it bothers you, please skip this post.

I’ve decided to ask for your help to realize my dream of becoming a full-time blogger. It’s a dream that I’ve had for a few months now, and I think that if I stick with what I’ve been doing for another year or two, it will likely come true.

So, I am hoping that with a combination of the ads I have on this site, the free-lance writing I do, and the generous donations of you guys, I will be able to quit my day job (which pays very little now) and dedicate my time to creating the best blogger template possible for your blog.

I am not asking for payment for visiting this blog. It will always be free, and I will not create a “premium blogger template” section either.

Donations are simply donations, and I am only asking for a one-time donation (or at the most, once a year). You are under no obligation to make a donation — you can continue reading, and there will be no hard feelings either way.

However, if you feel that this blog is needed some donation, and you are able to do so, please click on the donation button at the sidebar of this post and make a donation (however much you are able to give me).

Or if you are an Indonesian guys want to donate me but does'nt have Paypal account. You can sent your donation to

Name : Herro
Acc. No : 4820244279

Thank you for your donation.

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  1. JoVie November 25, 2008 9:38 PM

    waduh...kapan yah bisa kirim donation ke herro....


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